making the cooperative a strong and stable house


  • Analyse weaknesses and risks associated to a startup business
  • Make participants understand the value of networks and support systems
  • Make participants aware of cooperative legal framework


1 explanation at the board + 1 group exercise + 1 lecturer/guest expert in local cooperative legal forms + 1 podcast to listen to outside the workshop (here it is - EN)


  • Which areas of my coop business need external support? see if the groups are familiar with budgets through this financial and economic planning instrument (IT) and this business planning instrument (IT)
  • Which support systems exist in my local area?
  • What kind of support is best suited for my members and my coop?
  • How does a company get incorporated? Please check here to gather some useful info on this topic (EN)
  • What is it needed to establish a company? Check this document to get inspired (FR)
  • How can the members of a coop establish a coop formally?

1. Have everyone sit in circle + Set out a whiteboard with markers, draw a sample of the Map of Needs and Resources around the Business Model Canvas and explain how to build it by analyzing areas of weakness and risk that need external support – it has to be a graphic Map with real names of people/institutions who can represent the support structure for the starting coop business

2. Divide group into smaller 3-persons groups shuffled from last time + Have them work on the Map of Needs and Resources + Provide and explain Key Questions + Have them present their Map to the bigger group (refer to MGT Step 5 Contact a business support structure pg. 21) + have everyone vote on best Map + give out first prize to the winning group (star made of coloured paper)

3. Keep the 3-persons group + give instructions to prepare 1 question for each group for the expert guest on cooperative legal forms + have guest give lecture/talk + have them pose questions + have each group set out a plan for founding the cooperative + run general feedback phase + Have them listen to Startup podcast 5 episodes as homework

15 minutes feedback from podcast + 25 minutes explanation of Map of Needs and Resources

15 minutes explanation of Key Questions + 30 minutes group work on Map of Needs and Resources + 7 minutes each group to present their Map + 10 minutes voting and awards+ 10 minutes general feedback from ambassador

BREAK (10 minutes)

30 minutes talk with legal framework local expert + 30 minutes of Q&A + 20 minutes for group work on planning the legal framework + 10 minutes general feedback from ambassador


  1. Participants understand the need for further support and start selecting options
  2. Participants understand which type of legal framework their potential business could belong to
  3. Participants consider the reality of starting up a business



  • 1 whiteboard + markers + large sheets of paper for mapping over BMC
  • Sheets of coloured paper + scissors + tape
  • Tables or mats to carry out group work
  • Large print out of BMC to tape to a wall
  • Mobile phone to show how to use podcasts
  • Small post it notepads to collect questions for the expert
  • A look at this Guide (EN)
  • A look at this other Guidebook about Workers' coops (EN)