Defining the coop business


  • Getting deeper into their coop business ideas and define the business better
  • Make participants more aware of work needed to set up a business
  • Make participants understand what it it takes to make collective decisions


1 explanation at the board + 2 group exercises + 1 podcast to listen to outside the workshop


  • What exactly do I need to define in order to set up a coop business? Check this Guide for further help (IT)
  • What are the areas of relevance in mapping the coop business?
  • What is the best way to get to a map/canvas if we have to decide all
  • together?
  • See questions tied to BMC
  • How do we decide who is going to do what within the coop business?
  • How much money do you think will go around your coop business?


  1. Have everyone sit in circle + Set out a whiteboard with markers, ask circle to give feedback about podcast + provide definition of Business Model Canvas and explain how it works by showing projection
  2. Divide group into smaller 3-persons groups shuffled from last time + Have them work on the business ideas from previous exercise building the Canvas+ Provide and explain Key Questions + Have them present their BMC to the bigger group (refer to MGT Step 3 Generating business ideas pg. 19) + have everyone vote on best BMC + give out first prize to the winning group (star made of coloured paper)
  3. Keep the 3-persons group + give instructions for the next exercise, i.e.: create the internal organization, who is going to do what according to which criteria + have them explain the internal organization to the bigger group (refer to MGT Step 4 Planning the business pg.20) + have them listen to Startup podcast 5 episodes as homework (here's the podcast - EN) - refer to this Guidebook for further knowledge on the theme (EN)


  • 15 minutes feedback from podcast + 25 minutes explanation of BMC
  • 15 minutes explanation of Key Questions + 60 minutes group work on BMC + 7 minutes each group to present their BMC + 10 minutes voting and awards+ 10 minutes general feedback from ambassador

BREAK (10 minutes)

  • 5 minutes explanation of Key Questions related to group dynamics + 60 minutes group work on internal organization + 7 minutes each group to present their internal plan + 10 minutes general feedback from ambassadors


  1. Participants understand the complexity of a (cooperative) business
  2. Participants understand how to face organizational issues within a cooperative business
  3. Participants learn how to build a budget starting from a clear organization of the business, hence they are ready to delve into business planning


  • 1 whiteboard + markers + large sheets of paper
  • Sheets of coloured paper + scissors + tape
  • Tables or mats to carry out group work
  • Large print out of BMC to tape to a wall
  • Mobile phone to show how to use podcasts
  • Having had a look at this Guide for care cooperatives in case groups were interested in this sector (EN)